The Call – WMU

We hIMG_3767ope that over the course of our journey we can share with you the full story of how the Lord brought us to this point, and here is one piece of the puzzle. In February we had the privilege to attend an brunch at a church where the local WMU (Women’s Missionary Union) met to pray for the North American Mission Board, it’s missionaries, and it’s church plants. We were so encouraged to see women who are committed to praying for missions.

1990s Abi

It took me (Abi) back to elementary school when I was a part of a group at my church called Girls in Action (GA’s for short) that was started out of the WMU. It was during my time in this program that I started to accept my calling. I read books and heard stories about some great missionaries like Lottie Moon, Gladys Aylward, Hudson Taylor and Jim Elliot. I was exposed to mission projects, the need for the Gospel around the world, and how I had a part in it as a follower of Jesus. As I grew up in this church in Camdenton, MO I was also blessed to know many sweet women who were a part of the WMU and admired their devotion to praying for missions. Later on, in college, they asked me to come speak at a meeting and I was able to share how the impact of GA’s and the WMU at First Baptist Church played a large role in helping me learn my calling to missions.


Fast forward to the present, sitting in a room full of women and men who were committing to praying for our family was humbling and exciting at the same time. What great joy it brings to see God’s people doing their part in making disciples of all nations.

To God be the Glory!


2 thoughts on “The Call – WMU

  1. I absolutely LOVE this! Fires me up!

    Aaron Boswell implanteur d’église / pasteur church planter/pastor montreal, quebec, canada m: 514.887.6010 t: @aaronboswell



  2. I remember a decision at church camp when you were a rising 4th grader; you said then that you were going to be a missionary. At that same camp, you were first exposed to keeping you heart whole for your future husband, which you also committed to. What an important week in your life! You also developed an aversion to canoes after I intentionally dumped you-that didn’t end so well 😉


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