September Update!

We made it to Canada!

After one long road trip, a stop at Niagara Falls, two stops at the border for visas (not by choice!), a few days of long waits in different offices around Montreal, we are officially moved in and ready to make our apartment and this beautiful city our home!

So many of you have prayed, given financially, and encouraged us to this point and for that we are so grateful!

Being in the city makes us so aware of the lostness and the great need for the hope of Jesus to be shared with those who haven’t heard. We are praying for our heart to be sensitive to His leading and to give us those points of intersection with the lost around us.

Our apartment is coming together nicely, we are enjoying our neighborhood so far. We  hope to visit places as points to begin forming relationships. Please join us in prayer for this to happen!

One story that we wanted to share happened a few days after we arrived. As Abi was taking a picture of the coffee shop near our apartment a woman started talking to her about taking pictures. This woman, Jasmine, is from Cuba originally but lives in Montreal with her boyfriend. As she and Abi were parting ways she asked for some “good fortune” and began asking about horoscopes. Abi had the chance to share about her trust in God and His control over the universe, rather than horoscopes and luck, and our lives. She asked Abi to pray for her right there on the spot! Please join us in praying for our paths to cross again soon and that Jasmine will come to faith in Jesus.

James had his first staff meeting at Renaissance on August 30th and is excited to be on a team with such incredible guys who have a great heart for Montreal.

DON’T FORGET: If you have committed to joining our partner team financially and haven’t set up payments, please let us know how we can help you do that. We can send you the link if you need it or walk you through the process in a phone call. Thanks!

Also, if you are interested in joining our partner team we are still lacking 10% of our monthly support. We’d love to talk to you about how you can join what God is doing in Montreal through giving monthly support.

Click the GIVE NOW button on our blog to set it up:


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