October Ministry Update

Friends and Family –

We are delighted to again update our partners, friends, and family on the amazing faithfulness of God. Without His presence in our lives we would be wandering and lost. We are so grateful for a loving Father who is leading every step we take here in Montreal!

We have split our update into three sections to make it easier on you to catch it all:

Ministry Update:

  • As of Sunday, October 2nd, James was installed as the Lead Pastor for Renaissance Church. Renaissance was planted by an incredible NAMB church-planting couple, Aaron and Samantha Boswell, who are now being called to Vancouver to continue church planting with NAMB. We will miss them dearly and are thankful for the leadership that Aaron has poured into the starting of Renaissance as this new church is loving God and loving others. (To listen to James’ latest sermon at Renaissance click here.)
  • James has had great opportunities to meet regularly with a couple guys here in the city and had great conversations about the Gospel. We are praying for these men daily as he continues to build friendships and point them towards Jesus. We are praying that their eyes are opened to God’s love for them and that they see evidence of that love in our lives as we live it out in front of them by God’s grace.
  • In early September, we had the great opportunity to help out with a local community festival in Little Burgundy and enjoyed learning more about the diverse culture in this area. Our family will have the chance to begin volunteering on Saturday afternoons at a community center in Little Burgundy where they offer dance, art, and computer classes for kids. We are looking forward to this as we can serve together as a family of five and build relationships with people in the Little Burgundy area!
  • A few Saturdays ago, NAMB provided a family day for church planters in Montreal complete with a fun activity for our kids, a riverboat cruise on the St. Lawrence River, and dinner. We are so thankful for the incredible support and encouragement that comes from our leaders. It was a great day spent with other church planter families!
  • We are currently a part of two different church planting trainings which has kept us busy reading and learning but we are excited about all that God is doing in Montreal. If you’re interested in church planting and would want to know more about the training or what books we are reading shoot us an email! (They even have special training for the wives.)

Family Update:

  • Anabelle, Mya, and Brock are doing well and loving our new home in the city. They especially love our close proximity to parks! We are enjoying exploring new spots as a family before the ever-so-cold winter hits.
  • School Update: The girls started public school on September 28th and are a part of a program for French language acquisition at a school within walking distance to our apartment. After much prayer and consideration we decided this was the best way for our family to begin to become a part of our neighbourhood and community. It is going well and they are loving it, the majority of their day is spent learning French with other kids in their class who are learning the language for the first time as well. Hopefully by Christmas they will have a lot to share with family and friends in Missouri when we visit! Both girls have already formed friendships with other girls in the class and are eager to see them each day. Their classroom is full of children from all over the world, we are amazed at the Lord providing a mission field for our girls in this way!
  • Brock is enjoying his new-found “alone time” with Mommy while the girls are at school. We are hoping to make some friends and schedule some playdates here and there to get us out of the apartment and get connected!

Thanksgiving and Prayer Requests:

  • We are thankful for a great experience at school for our girls. We are excited about the relationships they are forming and would appreciate your prayers that this continues to be a positive experience for them both!
  • We are thankful for God’s continued provision for our family financially! Although we still lack a small percentage of our monthly income we are trusting that God will provide and speak to the hearts of individuals and families to join us by giving their resources to help us reach the lost in Montreal.
  • Pray for Abi to find an opportunity to take French classes and learn the language. We are running into some issues due to the type of Visa she was given when we moved here. Pray for wisdom in this area.
  • Pray for James as he takes over leadership at Renaissance. Pray for wisdom and a deep dependence on Jesus as he steps into a new role.
  • Pray for creativity about how to interact and spend time among the people around us.
  • Pray for Renaissance. There are many people who come on a regular basis who are exploring Christianity for the first time, and a few who have been burned by religion in the past but see something different about the Christians at Renaissance and continue to come, sing the songs, and hear God’s Word simply preached. Pray that not only do they continue to seek the Lord but pray that they will invite their friends to do the same.
  • At the end of this month we will travel to Knoxville, Tennessee to take part in a mission conference at First Baptist Church Concord. We are excited about this time and thankful for this church, please join us in praying for that week!

See it for yourself…

Anabelle, Mya, and Brock on a carousel during the family fun day provided by our NAMB leaders!
Anabelle, Mya, and Brock on a carousel during the family fun day provided by our NAMB leaders!
The Festival in Little Burgundy
The Festival in Little Burgundy
A bicycle carousel was an exciting find for the kids!
A bicycle carousel was an exciting find for the kids!
Ecole Saint Cecile – Anabelle and Mya’s School
Walking to Sunday gathering at Renaissance down one of the prettiest streets in Montreal!


We are so thankful for each one of you and pray for our partners regularly! If you ever have any questions or would like to visit or partner financially (if you aren’t already) please let us know through email (copeland5inmtl(at)gmail(dot)com)!

That’s all for now…Au Revoir!