February Ministry Update

“At our door is the very work we crave.”

– Lottie Moon

After a very full month in January we are so in awe of how God continues to work in us and through us in this city. As we take a moment to look back over the last month this quote form Lottie Moon resonates. It is not a difficult search to find people around us who need hope in their lives. Simply walking outside our front door opens up a world of hurting people, and praise God we have the remedy for the brokenness and pain that so many endure each day! Thank you for supporting us so that we can be in this city serving people who need Jesus.

Here are some highlights form the past month of ministry:

We have had the chance over the past month to reconnect with some of our friends here after being gone for two weeks at Christmas and it has been wonderful. Whether  a coffee date or a dinner in our home, we are so thankful that God has filled our lives with friendships, this is a huge answer to prayer!

Praise God for growth! We have a few, new young couples regularly attending Renaissance. We love seeing these young couples desire to be a part of our church and are praying for ways to help encourage and equip them as they navigate new marriages and relationships together.

On December 27th, while we were visiting in Missouri, our sweet Mya Lynn gave her life to Jesus! Praise God for this answer to prayer and for evidence of God’s work in her heart. She tenderly prayed to Jesus asking for salvation and is full of joy knowing that in Him she is a new creation. Her baptism will be later this month.

Pray For: 

Renaissance (www.renaissancemtl.com

  • Decisions about a new location for Renaissance 

  • Ways to engage our community through Renaissance 

  • How to better service those attending Renaissance 


  • Abi has started French classes (two nights a week)

  • James’ continued learning in the language

  • Anabelle and Mya as they continue learning in school

The Gospel

  • Opportunities for James and Abi to share the Gospel with friends and acquaintances

  • Opportunities to meet new friends and build relationships



We are amazed at how God is moving in this country. Nearly HALF of the churches associated with the CNBC (Canadian National Baptist Association) have been planted since 2010. This shows that God is moving in this country and we are hopeful that the best is yet to come. Pray with us that this continues in Canada, in Quebec, and here in Montreal!

Top Left: The girls returned to school after Christmas…one was excited, the other was not!
Top Right: Ice Sculpting at Fête des neiges de Montréal. (Montreal Snow Festival)
Bottom Left: Brock completed Paw Patrol Academy at Fête des neiges with a little help from his sisters!
Bottom Right: No caption needed…the dab, brought to you by Brock.