April Ministry Update

We welcomed spring with a blizzard that left us with a few feet of snow! This was definitely a new experience for us. Our kids love the snow but are ready for some green grass and flip-flops around here! March was a very busy month once again, and we are so blessed by all that God is doing at Renaissance in the life of our family. One of our favorite highlights in March was hosting Abi’s parents (Grammie and Poppie) for a visit over their Spring Break. We showed them every part of the city that we could and wore them out with all the walking! Anabelle, Mya, and Brock absolutely loved having their grandparents here, they visited the girls at school which was a special surprise and went with us to our first Sugar Shack (a Quebec tradition). We are so thankful for their support and their partnership!

Copeland5inMTL with Grammie and Poppie on top of Mont Royal

This month at Renaissance we continued to have great times of worship and Bible teaching at our Sunday Gatherings. We are so encouraged to see people hungry for God’s Word and eager to learn more about Him each week. We are now in the beginning of our next Core Team cycle and are excited to see how God is forming a team around us full of people who want to help at Renaissance by inviting their friends and being intentional with evangelism in their day-to-day activities. Core Team is our pre-membership process and is a way to work as a team to be advocates for Renaissance in our community. This group has committed to six months of intentionally inviting people to church, sharing the Gospel, and serving at Renaissance consistently. Praise God for their obedience!

Renaissance Church

March Highlights: 

-James attended a community leaders lunch in Little Burgundy.

-We enjoyed Spring Break with a Staycation and time at home as a family.

-James attended a NAMB SEND Network conference in Atlanta.

-We hosted our church staff for a Friday Night dinner.

-Our family attended a movie fundraiser at CEDA a local community center that we volunteer with on Saturdays.

Coming up this month:

-Preparations for our Easter service at Renaissance

-Our final NAMB Boulevard Training (eight month training on CP in the city)

-James and Abi run the Montreal Half Marathon (April 23rd)

-Hosting another NAMB CTV32 Vision Trip

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