May Ministry Update


“Every great movement of God can be
traced to a kneeling figure.”
D.L. Moody

We are standing on the shoulders of the men and women who have prayed for Quebec for decades. Many lived their lives here in this province asking God to send a revival but never seeing it happen in their lifetime. How thankful we are that instead of giving up and moving on, they endured with little visible movement, yet with their hearts set on God’s faithful promise here in Montreal. It is because of their prayers and the prayers of thousands of others that our family is here, living in the “City of Steeples” sharing Christ with everyone He puts in our path.

You are a part of what God is doing in Montreal. Your prayers,  your sacrificial giving, your constant support brought us here and sustains us as we press on and follow obediently God’s call for the Copeland5.

April was a busy month, full of incredible opportunities to share the Gospel and see growth at Renaissance but also some trying times for us as a family. Our hearts are grateful despite it all that we are not walking alone in this city of 5.8 million people! We have family, friends, and churches who are praying daily for our city and for our family. Thank you for joining us as we ask God for that “great movement” here in Montreal!

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A look back at April:

  • Abi finished Level 2 in French
  • James and Abi completed the Boulevard Church Planter Training
  • Hosted our Core Team for dinner, prayer, and worship
  • Shared about Renaissance with two different NAMB Vision Tours – thankful for the pastors (and wives) who took time to come see Montreal and learn how to partner!
  • After a terrible 4ft fall, Brock sustained a serious head injury but is back to normal by the grace of God!

A look ahead to May:

  • Four teams coming from the States to work with Renaissance
  • James to attend SEND conference in Dallas
  • Abi & kids travel to Missouri as her mom undergoes surgery (prayers appreciated!)
  • We celebrate Brock’s 3rd Birthday!

**If you are one of our financial partners or a church partner and do not receive our email updates please let us know. This is just a better way for us to communicate with you and thank you for your partnership!**


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