August Ministry Update

Together for the Gospel! 

We recently returned from a two week visit to see family and friends in Missouri. While we were there we had the blessing of attending a Sunday service at our sending church, Ridgecrest Baptist. A quote was shared during Pastor Chad Grayson’s sermon that resonated. We hope that it encourages you as you continue to partner with our family here in Montreal as well as live on mission every day where God has planted you.

As Pastor Chad shared from Mark 2, highlighting the four men who carried their paralyzed friend up onto a roof so that they could bring him to Jesus, he shared this quote from Warren Wiersbe:

“We must admire several characteristics of these men, qualities that ought to mark us as “fishers of men.” For one thing, they were deeply concerned about their friend and wanted to see him helped. They had faith to believe that Jesus could and world meet his need. They did not simply “pray about it,” but they put some feet to their prayers, and they did not permit difficult circumstances to discourage them. They worked together and dared to do something different…”

Friends, it is God’s desire for every person on this earth to hear and respond to His Gospel. As we continue to plant our lives and the Gospel in Montreal, we hope to learn from the example of these men and put feet to our prayers for revival in our city. Will you join us? We believe that prayer is essential and have seen evidence of your prayers on a daily basis over the past 11 months, but we hope that as God leads, you will be spurred to action both where you are and even here in Montreal alongside our family. Many of you have visited us this summer and we cannot put into words the impact and blessing it has been! May we be a people of prayer but may we also be people of action, knowing that it is God who can and will supply our every need.

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Looking back…

  • A wonderful trip to Missouri to see family which included an outdoor movie with cousins, a trip to Purina Farms in St. Louis, the St. Louis Zoo, the American Girl Store, the Lego Store, two action packed days of Grammie Camp, two family birthday parties for Mya, lots of swimming, lots of family time, Talking Rock Caverns, and all of our favorite Missouri food spots!
  • Renaissance hosted many groups from the U.S. and we are so thankful for each person who came and served with us this summer.
  • Mya started Tennis lessons, Anabelle started Karate, and Brock is enjoying his swimming lessons…we have stayed busy and active!

A look ahead…

  • Along with a few teams from the States (and one from Canada) we will volunteer at a 3on3 basketball tournament in Little Burgundy that is a fundraiser for a Refugee Center that we hope to build a great partnership with.
  • James will travel to Atlanta to be a trained as a BLVD Trainer, this is a church planter training that we finished earlier this year and is a great tool as God continues to call church planters to Montreal!
  • We will host our first Renaissance Preview Nights at a local coffee shop in preparation for our relaunch in September. This is a way for people in the community to come meet us and see what we are about. Please join us in praying for this night on August 20th.
  • Anabelle and Mya will start at a new school on August 28th!
  • Brock will begin French preschool on August 28th!

Renaissance Relaunch

Please join us in praying daily for our relaunch coming in September. Pray for the Lord to add to our numbers, for this to be a significant day in the history of Renaissance for the glory of God, for salvations, and for all the planning and work it will take to make it all happen!

Be looking for a prayer guide to join us daily in specific prayer for the relaunch, coming to your inbox or on our family blog soon!


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