September Ministry Update

It’s Relaunch Month! 

On August 25th, we celebrated one full year of living and planting our lives in Montreal. As we took some time to reflect and look back over the year we cannot express to you, our partners, how thankful we are for your constant support, encouragement, and giving to our family and ministry. We look ahead to another year full of seeing God’s faithfulness and movement in Montreal as well as in the lives of each family and individual who gives to be apart of His work in this city!

Sunday, September 17th is our official Relaunch into the community of Little Burgundy! Please join us in praying daily for this day as well as for the future of God’s Church in this city.

If you would like to download a visual prayer guide for the Relaunch, you can find a printable PDF on our homepage to join us in intentional prayer!

Also if you are interested in listening to James’ recent sermons on the Relaunch to know how to pray more specifically and gain a better understanding of what it means, you can find his sermons here:
Renaissance Sermons

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A look ahead…

  • Renaissance will volunteer at the Little Burgundy Festival, September 9th. James and a few guys from church have a 30 minute spot to play music so pray for this time to be fruitful!
  • Abi has a second ultrasound and doctor’s appointment (should confirm the gender so be ready for an announcement soon!).
  • We will host three more teams from the U.S. as they help us prepare for our Relaunch on September 17th.
  • Abi and James start a French class (together!) in Little Burgundy, continue to join us praying for fluency along with relationships with those in our class.

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