Welcome Lottie Grace!


Thank you for your prayers as we welcomed Charlotte “Lottie” Grace on Friday, January 12th into our family!  She weighed 10 lbs. 7 oz. and was 20.5 inches of sweetness! She  is healthy, sleeping like a champ, and of course deeply loved by her three older siblings. We were blessed to have both Abi’s mom and James’ mom come for visits to help as we adjust to our new normal. We also have a great church family who brought meals for the first week and checked in on us here and there! Please continue to pray for us as we are awaiting the right documents for Lottie, in order to travel to Missouri at the end of February for Spring Break. We look forward to introducing her to our family and friends and need the process to move as quickly and smoothly as possible!

Here are some pictures from her first few weeks:


We sure loved our Grammie visit! 
We loved our Grandmo visit, too!

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