Happy New Year!

Welcome back to our family blog!

2019 has begun and we are so thankful for another year of living and serving God in Montreal. We took some time in December to look back over the last year and we were amazed to think about all that happened and the many ways the Lord affirmed our calling through his Word, through the prayers and encouragement of friends and family, and in visible ways through Renaissance Church. What a joy it is to serve the Lord in this city as we seek to see families come to know Jesus, grow in their faith, and share their faith in Jesus with others.

We spent our Christmas break visiting family in Missouri and enjoyed every second of it! The long travel days there and back are so worth it to see our kids enjoying time with grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles and coming back recharged and refreshed, ready for a new year.

Anabelle and Mya are doing well in their new school. The program they are a part of is wonderful, and is an answer to our prayers for a place where they can have the space to learn at their pace and go deeper in subjects that interest them. They have formed some special friendships and both have wonderful teachers who are eager to help both girls find ways to challenge themselves academically.

Brock is enjoying his year at home with Mommy (and Lottie) and is working hard at learning to read. We venture out in the snow at least once a day to get exercise and explore and frequent the library as well!

Lottie turned one on January 12th! Her first year went by in a blur…similar to the way she moves these days…a constant blur of movement! She started walking at about 10 months (the earliest of all our kids) and is nearly running now. Her favorite activities are playing around her sisters and brother, eating, and looking at books.

If you are interested in receiving our monthly emails that have more information on our church and ministry, please send an email to theabicopeland(at)gmail(dot)com and we can add you to our list!

Family Pictures 2018:


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